Feedback from Whole Education Conference – Tuesday 6th December 2016

“ I enjoyed being in a school where there was a clear understanding and commitment to the vision.”

“Thank you very much for a kind welcome”

“Many thanks for an inspiring and thought provoking day – lots to reflect on and take away”

“I enjoyed the chance to see how a school share a vision and a passion that is so successful”


TRA Joint Staff Development Day (25th November 2016) feedback:

“As a new member of staff, I would like to say how much I enjoyed the day”

“An excellent day – interesting, helpful and so relevant”

“Really informative and useful. This has certainly provided food for thought and ideas to use in school”

“I enjoyed the peer group exercise – a real issue was discussed which resulted in an action plan to take forward”

“Thank you for highlighting an important issue with professional and personal thoughts to take away”

“Very useful to work with primary colleagues to gain different perspectives and understand different approaches within a different context”

“Very clear and concise speaker who made each topic interesting and involved the audience”

“Really enjoyed the peer group task – nice to hear other ideas, perception and support”

“This was a really useful and worthwhile day. Information was well delivered and focused”

“I’ve heard Tina Rae before and it was great to be reminded of her stories and tips”

“Feeling very inspired with lots of new ideas to put into practice”

Feedback from TRA Facilitator Training (23rd & 29th September 2016

"The sessions were really engaging with lots of food for thought, reflection and ideas to try".

"I felt the training sessions have refocused my thinking on facilitating groups of adults and interacting with other leaders".

"The activities were engaging and allow discussion and opportunities to reflect."

"A focus on leadership competencies rather than content."

"I enjoyed the opportunities to explore “facilitator styles”, discussing with colleagues from both Primary and Secondary schools."


Evaluaton of Celebraton of Educaton Day - Friday 10th October 2014 - St. Mildreds Church

Evaluation Poster- 10th October 2014

Joint Governors Training Evaluation

Joint Governor Training Evaluation

TRA Staff Development Day 21st November 2014

TRA Staff Development Day