Executive Coaching Programme

Led by Sally Lees and Maggie Bolton

Educational Leadership and Management Consultants, trained and endorsed to provide the programme developed by Roger Pask, Founding Chair of the London Centre for Mentoring-Coaching and Caspar Rock Limited.

3 day development programme

This is an experiential learning programme devised by Caspar Rock Limited, according to the principles developed by Rollin Glaser based on research by David A Kolb that develops skills and competencies in Mentor-Coaching. Participants have the opportunity to both develop and practise the skills to understand and use the model which is designed to make an impact in a wide range of contexts in their organisation.

Days 1 and 2 cover the methodology of the programme and an opportunity to experience the model by working in triads and finishes by capturing what impact the programme will have on their role.

Day 3 follows up participants’ early experience gained from their individual setting and looks at developing a coaching culture and the process of managing self-directed change.

Executive coaching

  • Promotes critical reflection
  • Enables people in their professional and personal contexts to develop a strong sense of who they are
  • Helps practitioners to articulate their values and moral purpose
  • Stimulates the growth of clarity about personal and working contexts
  • Prompts clear framing and where necessary re-framing of issues, including opportunities, challenges and problems
  • Challenges practitioners to take control of their professional lives
  • Generates skills of envisioning and linking of vision, values and action
  • Is person-centred, action-oriented and evidence-based
  • Links person, purpose, work and meaning in ways that most people find particularly fulfilling
  • Creates a sustainable and self-sustaining leadership process

The programme is suitable for Headteachers, Deputies, Senior Leaders and Middle Managers with the capacity to move to Senior Leadership.


£2,800 for up to 30 participants. This includes all resources for the programme, but does not include venue and refreshments/lunch.

To Book

Contact Debra Faulkner – d.faulkner@homewood.kent.sch.uk


Day 1 and 2 should be held in close succession, followed by Day 3 after a minimum of a 6 week gap.

Sally Lees

Sally has been Principal of Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre in Tenterden since 2010. Prior to this she was Headteacher of Dover Grammar School for Boys, leading the school from Ofsted category to Outstanding over her 6 year headship. Sally was instrumental in setting up the Tenterden Rural Alliance, a collaboration of 12 schools in and around Tenterden who work together to provide the best possible educational experience and outcomes for children in the area. The training arm of the Tenterden Rural Alliance runs a range of staff development programmes including middle and senior leadership qualifications, and is a member of the Kent and Medway Teaching Schools Network. Sally is a Kent Leader of Education. She is currently Chair of the Kent Association of Headteachers and a Partner Headteacher in the Whole Education national network of schools committed to providing a broad and innovative curriculum experience for their students.

Sally is a keen musician, playing viola and piano, and she loves to spend time with her family, including her three young grandsons.

Maggie Bolton

Currently Maggie is the Director of DASCo, a collaborative group of over 40 member schools in Dartford and the surrounding area. It was established to support collaboration between schools to enhance and improve the education for all Dartford’s children and young people. She represents DASCo in a range of organisations to support effective networking: the Local Children’s Trust Board (Vice-Chair), Kent and Medway Teaching School Network and Kent Association of Heads, North Board. 

She was Head of a girls’ grammar school for 12 years and was a member of the National Steering Group for Maths and Computing. During her career she has worked in a range of school settings including High Schools and Comprehensives in Bromley. 

She is a member of the Guild of Educators and continues to use some of her skills in History researching her family’s distant past as sea farers and distillers.

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